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B&C Events: Beta Weekend #1

B&C Events: Beta Weekend #1


Good Norning one and all!

With ArenaNet’s upcoming Beta Weekend Event the Boons & Conditions crew wants to get right into the game and help bring you the latest in Guild Wars 2. This will be the first time that we’ll be playing the game, but other than the initial setup we’ll be playing alongside you as much as possible. To that extent, we’ve set up a number of events throughout the weekend – many of which we’d love for you to join!

Some of these events include organized and random WvW groups, sPvP matches, and some PvE exploring. We’re aiming to have a 24-hour stream with a number of players and styles as well as individual streams for those who’d like to focus on one person/area. We hope you’ll come out and join us for at least one of the events! Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up on our main stream!

We’re also going to  set up our own B&C Guild once we’re in-game! Stay tuned for more details, we’ll post them once we have them!

B&C Server: Isle of Janthir
B&C Ventrilo: Automatic Setup | Details

Everyone is welcome to join us on our Ventrilo server throughout the weekend as well. Various members of the community and B&C staff will be frequenting our channels during this BWE! Please be respectful while on our server.  We will have separate channels set up for people to play with their friends, but we ask that you use common sense while in the more general channels. B&C Staff will be around if you have any problems!

Check out the full schedule, spanning Thursday April 26 through Sunday April 29, and details after the break!

Thursday April 26

Impromptu Ventrilo Chat
6:00pm PDT (UDT-7)
Join some of the B&C crew and the community in some pre-beta speculation!

Friday April 27

B&C Ventrilo Chit-Chat #2: European Edition
9:00am PDT (UDT-7))
Join some of the B&C crew and the community during the hours before the servers open to discuss what BWE1 will bring! Now with EU-friendly times!

Saturday April 28

B&C Goes Worldwide
4:00pm PDT (UDT-7)
Shyntyrr and some of the other B&C staff will be organizing and leading some WvW action! Come out and join us!

Sunday April 29

Structured PvP with Faelor
9:00am PDT (UDT-7)
Faelor will be running some sPvP matches in the morning, feel free to join in!

Fun PvE Shenanigans
2:00pm PDT (UDT-7)
Join MintyMint to explore the world and have some fun on the PvE side of things!

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/Scyfo100 Scyfo aka Funkay

    Ooooh I’m getting all excited! :)

  • http://twitter.com/JooLaPrime Joel Crawford

    So what’s the deal with streaming, how can we help and where’s the schedule for that?

    • http://www.gw2bnc.com/ Shyntyrr

      We haven’t yet posted a schedule, but I will update the post as I get individual streams from people. There should be a 24h stream on our Twitch page – http://www.gw2bnc.com/stream that you can tune into if you’d like! I’ll see [email protected]:twitter has any more information!