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A Call to Arms: Dragonbrand

A Call to Arms: Dragonbrand

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Just a quick announcement for those interested in where our team is headed at release. Boons & Conditions is not a guild, we’re here to promote competitive teams who want to be successful in sPvP. We do not represent one team; we’re here to promote the friendly competitive spirit that is blooming in the game’s pre-release community and ensure Guild Wars 2 becomes a successful e-sport.

With that being said, many of our friends and teams we’ve had on the show (and plan to have on the show) are going to call the Dragonbrand server their home. That is where you’ll find the B&C podcast, shoutcast, and video producing teams. Please note that we will not be swelling the guild roster for anyone who wants an invite. We’re making an announcement for those curious as to where a lot of the PvP teams are going. Dragonbrand is third in terms of popularity for “hardcore sPvPers” according to those who submitted their information to this Asura Labs poll.

Thanks again for supporting our project. We’ve grown a lot recently and it’s wonderful to see the Guild Wars 2 community enjoying our content. None of this could have been done without you! Can’t wait to see you in Tyria!