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The Guardian’s Gambit: BWE#3 Guardian Changes

The Guardian’s Gambit: BWE#3 Guardian Changes


No builds this time folks. Instead I wanted to discuss some of the changes I found for the Guardian. The changes I saw were for the better, didn’t really see anything bad, so hooray?

First off, we’ll knock out the biggest change, the staff skills. Martyr has been removed from the staff, and thank you for that ArenaNet. It was such a waste of a powerful skill having it sit on a weapon that no one was ever using. Martyr was made into a shout, “Save Yourselves!”. This was added to my utility bar instantly, and it came in handy in every situation. Same icon and effects, now with a new name. But, let’s get back to the staff. Line of Warding replaced Martyr as the #5 skill, and in the #4 slot we now have Empower, with full details below.

 Channel might to yourself and allies around you. When it completes heal nearby allies.

Healing.png Healing: 1,500 (At level 80 with no compassion/healing upgrades)
Duration.png Duration: 4 s
Might.png6 Might: 12 s

 I played with the staff for a long time so I could test this new skill. Simply put, it’s awesome. At level 80, I was increasing damage by 300 on people who got the full charge of might. Empower is a 4 second channel, during which 6 ticks of might occur to everyone within shouting range (1,200) around you. After the channeling is up, you release a healing burst. From what I have seen, Might has been fixed. It increases your Power and Condition Damage now, with stacking intensities. At level 80 (with no upgrades into compassion) damage was being increased by 300 with 6 stacks of Might. I got my first staff around level 8, and my damage would shoot up from 40-ish, to 75-ish, so there now is noticeable increase from Might. I have to say that my prayers were answered with the staff. Wave of Wrath had its damage increased, Orb of Light explodes on contact now (at least from what I saw, it may have been a bug), Symbol of Swiftness had a damage increase as well, and Line of Warding had its ranged increased (I may have missed out on that change from the last BWE since I despised the staff so much). Good job ArenaNet, you fixed the staff!

There were a few minor changes I saw on other weapons as well. Can anyone say, “Time for a list!”?


  1.  Overall damage increase for the auto-attack. It was noticeable, and I was glad to see it. I no longer had to run around someone and alternate weapons every time I popped skills.
  2.  Zealot’s Defense can now be dodged by strafing to the left or right. I’m happy and sad to see this change in place. I may have been experiencing bugs in the past, but being able to hit someone while strafing was odd.


  1.  Smite now leaves a large symbol on the ground so you know where it was placed. Hooray, now if only we could see the ghost hands that punch people.


  1.  Leap of Faith no longer jumps over your target when you are standing on the same level as them. Good fix to see.
  2.  Whirling Wrath can now be activated while moving. It slows you down while you use it, but you are able to guide the whirlwind.


  1. Banish now interrupts foes that have Stability on. If this happened before, I never noticed it.

Tome of Wrath and Tome of Courage

  The tomes can now be used while moving! One weekend is not enough to test the effectiveness of this. Guardians lose the large health boost they originally got, but it comes with the ability to freely move around. It sounds good in theory, and it will be tested thoroughly after launch. I want to give a shout out to Kouryuu on the forums for informing me of this. I never would of thought to move when I used my Tome of Courage. So congratulations sir!


Good changes to be had for the Guardian. All signs point to this profession being one of the most stable at launch. A little teaser for next time, I found a secret that so far no one else has noticed, so look out for that coming out as well.

May Dwayna bless you out there!

  • Guest

    Scepter also got a massive range boost from before,

  • http://twitter.com/KouryuuGW2 Kouryuu

    Nice little summary, a few things I didnt know of. I definitely want to try the staff even before your write up but I didnt know might was so good!

    Thanks for the shoutout dude.