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The Guardian’s Gambit: Flashing Blade

The Guardian’s Gambit: Flashing Blade


Flashing Blade has proven itself time and time again to be a cornerstone of most of my sPvP play styles. It allows me to chase someone down, or blink between targets. I recently learned though, that Flashing Blade can do something else, something that is particularly amazing. Let’s take a look at the full detail on Flashing Blade first:

 Flashing Blade (Level 80)

  • Teleport to your target, striking them and blinding nearby foes.
  • Damage.png Damage: 49
  • Blind.png Blind: 3 s
  • Range.png Range: 600


Now as I am sure that most of you know, in order for Flashing Blade to blink in any direction you have to have a target selected. Trying using it without a target selected, you just make a nice flash bomb and don’t move.

I learned something in the last BWE, and it was totally by accident,

You can blink while jumping.

I have been scouring the internet, and so far I haven’t found anything about this phenomenon. So you can say you heard it here first! Since it was found in a beta, there is the obvious warning that it was a glitch or a bug and will be fixed when the game launches.

I found this out by jumping off of a log in Godslost Swamp. I was just screwing around waiting for a buddy of mine to finish killing a firefly, when I decided to blink to it before it died. I jumped off the log and pressed 2, and bam, I blinked. We both just kind of sat on Ventrilo, dumbstruck as to what just happened, and my buddy says “Do that again!”. So I did it again, and again, and again, until finally I said “Let’s try it on a bigger cliff!”.

Thus begins the cliff jumping adventure. I learned some things about using Flashing Blade to scale a cliff, and I want to share it with you guys.

You need to have a target selected.

Before you jump from a cliff, you have to have a target selected. Otherwise, you just flash while falling. That means that there is a vertical restriction because of this. If you can’t target anything, don’t jump.


You have to blink right on the edge of the cliff.

This does not work in mid fall. You have to blink right at the apex of your jump from the edge, which means the top of the “up” part of your jump. If you try to blink while in mid fall, you will just hit the wall, take the fall damage, and then fall some more. Learn your character animations to get the timing down. Each race is gonna have a different point in the jump to look for.


You can only blink 600 units forward

The skill may not have a vertical restriction (aside from targeting), but it does have a horizontal one. You will only blink forward 600 units. Since this is a blink and not a jump, there is no arc once you jump over the cliff. You will blink forward 600 units from where you activated the skill. Try not to jump off cliffs where you will blink to an edge and slide down the rest of the cliff, killing yourself in the process.


This has the potential to change the play styles of sword guardians. It allows for more mobility in fights on higher ground. The clock tower being overrun while you’re on point? Then hop on to the balcony, target one of the guys running around below and then proceed to jump and blink your way down. Simple, effective, and you saved yourself about 4k damage from falling. You also might be lucky to lure some idiot into jumping after you, but that takes a lot of luck in sPvP. Try it in WvW, where most players will blindly follow whatever they target.

If this does make it to launch, then expect to see more of this being used by Guardians everywhere.

Good luck to everyone, and may Dwayna bless you!

8/2/2012 Update: Flashing Blade still performs well. I have been using it in sPvP whenever I can during the stress test.