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Boons & Conditions is a Guild Wars 2 podcast, hosted by experienced gamers from various MMO backgrounds providing you with the latest news, discussions and debates.



Faelor literally grew up playing MMOs – starting with EverQuest while he was attending middle school. Over the years he has tested and played most AAA MMOs with high-end guilds. From bench-warming applicant to guild leader, he has seen and done it all.

He has played a multitude of games throughout the years and is currently looking forward to playing Guild Wars 2.

Having moderated, built and administered a number of gaming fansites in the past, Boons & Conditions is his first foray into hosting a podcast.



Ari has been playing RPGs since the early 90’s – yeah, those pen and paper ones. Then she discovered MMORPGs in the form of Everquest in 1999 – and has been hooked since.

She’s played EQ, EQ2 (where she met her husband), VG, WoW, WAR, LotRO, AoC, Aion, Rift and is looking forward to GW2 and the MESMER. Yes, that needs to be capitalized. Trust us on that.

Arithion has previously hosted two podcasts: Aionsworld and The Rift Podcast. You’ll see her around Boons & Conditions posting articles and co-hosting the podcast.

Though she usually obsesses over the games, this time around Ari is taking a more casual approach so she can attempt to balance gaming with her other love – novel writing.



Known IRL as M. Margaret A. Krohn, Luperza is her gamer tag and PurrfectStorm is her dev handle.

Currently, she resides in the lovely state of California. She moved there for her job as a Game Designer for Sony Online Entertainment. She launched her first game with them called Free Realms and has continued on to other games. She currently works on the PlanetSide 2 development team.

Before Luperza worked at SOE, she was an avid blogger and podcaster. She has recently started getting back into the casting scene by working with us on Boons & Conditions.



Shyntyrr has played RPGs from a young age, but only recently got into MMOs. Starting a bit later than the rest in 2004 with Everquest and Everquest 2, he quickly became captivated by the genre.

He has played EQ (briefly), EQ2, Rift, and PW, and has shortly tried out WoW, GW1, Aion, LotRO, CoH, L2, Vanguard, and SWG.

Shyntyrr was involved with a couple gaming sites before helping build B&C, most notably working on The Rift Podcast’s website.

Having been a member, raider, officer, and leader of a few guilds ranging from casual/family right up to hardcore raiding, shyntyrr is looking forward to relaxing a bit in Guild Wars 2 and playing an Asura Elementalist, to the laughter of the rest of the team.