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The Guardian’s Gambit: Flashing Blade


Flashing Blade has proven itself time and time again to be a cornerstone of most of my sPvP play styles. It allows me to chase someone down, or blink between targets. I recently learned though, that Flashing Blade can do something else, something that is particularly amazing. Let’s take a look at the full detail on Flashing Blade first:

 Flashing Blade (Level 80)

  • Teleport to your target, striking them and blinding nearby foes.
  • Damage.png Damage: 49
  • Blind.png Blind: 3 s
  • Range.png Range: 600


Now as I am sure that most of you know, in order for Flashing Blade to blink in any direction you have to have a target selected. Trying using it without a target selected, you just make a nice flash bomb and don’t move.

The Guardian’s Gambit: BWE#3 Guardian Changes


No builds this time folks. Instead I wanted to discuss some of the changes I found for the Guardian. The changes I saw were for the better, didn’t really see anything bad, so hooray?

First off, we’ll knock out the biggest change, the staff skills. Martyr has been removed from the staff, and thank you for that ArenaNet. It was such a waste of a powerful skill having it sit on a weapon that no one was ever using. Martyr was made into a shout, “Save Yourselves!”. This was added to my utility bar instantly, and it came in handy in every situation. Same icon and effects, now with a new name. But, let’s get back to the staff. Line of Warding replaced Martyr as the #5 skill, and in the #4 slot we now have Empower, with full details below.

One Build, Two Builds, Three Builds, Four Builds

GW2 Duelist

The last month dawns with anticipation as we approach the release of Guild Wars 2.  Fans of structured Player vs Player (sPvP) are no doubt plotting away at all the devious builds that they would like to try out this round.  Though I know this may not come with fanfare or a tolling of alarms, let me add an additional layer of complexity to the art of making builds.  That is – thinking about how dynamically you can adjust your build while in out of combat.

For those that do not know whenever a player is in a not in contact and in a non-engaged state you are free to change your utility skills and major traits.  This has huge implications for sPvP, because it gives the player the ability to adapt their builds.  Before we actually talk about how to use this to your advantage, take a note that like most things this ability may be removed or limited when the game releases.  With that said let’s look at an example.

The Guardians Gambit: sPvP Condition Removal Shout Guardian


Rush here bringing you the new Gambit!

This week, we will be focusing on a very simple, but very strong, guardian shouting build. This build can be altered to be more effective in PvE, but we are going to be focusing on the sPvP usage.

I have linked the complete build information in the picture below. So for the rest of this article, I am going to assume that you have it open and are looking at it while you read.

Fancy, ain’t it?

This build is great for new players getting into the guardian. It allows one to get the hang of the guardian while providing great survivability to oneself and one’s team. It can nullify a condition build if used properly. You can simplify the gameplay of the build down into an easy step by step process.

  1. Run into the fight with Sword/Shield
  2. Shout as needed
  3. Switch to Scepter to chase/hit ranged
  4. Repeat step 1-3 as needed

You may be thinking, “What? That’s it?”, but don’t be alarmed, I will elaborate on each step, giving you those details that you are looking for.

A Guide to Bleeding in Guild Wars 2


Bleeding is a condition that is not well understood. It stacks intensity, but does that mean if I apply a 10 second bleed and a 5 second bleed that I get 2 stacks of bleed for 10 seconds? Do I get 2 for 5 seconds? Do I get 2 for 5 seconds and then 1 for 5 seconds? Halp!

Bleeding is unique in that it stacks in intensity and tracks each application of bleed individually. This means that the number of bleeds you see on the boons and condition tracker is telling you how many applications are currently in effect and also how long before all of the bleeds have run their course.

Does that make bleeding a viable option to doing damage in PvP? To the Math-Fu!