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Profession Survivability Discussion

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2 Discussion' started by Faelor, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Faelor B&C Staff

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    May 22, 2012
    In your opinion, what are the top three professions with the highest survivability? Simply put, what professions take the longest to kill in structured player vs player (sPVP)? Please list your top three with an explanation for each.

    Example: The necromancer's death shroud ability is a profession-specific skill; all necromancers have it. This makes the necromancer profession, no matter the build's focus, very difficult to kill.

    The point of this thread is to identify what are the strengths and weaknesses of each professions. What we can produce as a community is produce feedback for ArenaNet as well as help share our knowledge to fellow players on how many professions can be dealt with in the midst of combat.
  2. Telf B&C Staff

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    May 28, 2012
    It may be just because i play a Mesmer, but i believe that they have super high survivability. In the BWE1 i ran a glass cannon build with 0 defense and are still very hard to kill due to the ability to stealth, use their distortion shatter, and also hide within their illusions!
  3. Qstrike B&C Staff

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    Jun 2, 2012
    Of course this is just an opinion piece but I think Faelor brought up a super huge point that Telf sort of touched base on is the fact that Necro still remains very survivable no matter what spec they use due to Death Shroud. Mesmer's are much the same due to illusion blending, various methods of entering stealth, easily the best cc move in the game and an ability on a rather long cool down to simply stop taking damage much like a warriors endure pain.

    If I had to make a list of the most over powered forms of survivability I'd place Mesmers at the top of the list because while their staying power is a bit harder to master then a Necro who simply hits F1 they have more options available to them plus unlike a Necro they also have a lot of CC options with re-positional skills.

    Second I would put Necro because weather they go full glass build or super tanky condition support or minion build you basically have to wait it out until they use up their life force resource and hope that you can bring them down in the 10 secs it takes for ds to come off cool down.

    The reason I personally place those two at the top of the list is they remain very durable even in a full glass set up. Yes Warriors and Guardians can make themselves a pain in the ass to kill but they end up tying themselves down into a support either heal or cc roll to do so. Mesmer's and Necros can do so while still going into any roll. Of course a full support Mesmer will be harder to kill then a glass Mesmer but a Glass Mesmer will be much harder to kill then a Glass Warrior for example.

    I place Mesmer and Necro above Thief because they can do this from range. Melee is often filled with what I like to call splash AoE damage. A Glass Thief still has a lot of staying power; however, catching a random immobilize on a Mesmer sitting at 600+ units is much less punishing then a thief at 130ish.

    So to stop my ramble I'd go Mesmer, Necro, Theif, Guardian, Warrior, Engineer, Elementalist, Ranger

    The bottom 3 is a toss up to me I have 0 experience with all of those professions so I really place them in a tie. Of course the Guardian and Warrior are only that high if they enter a defensive set up otherwise I'd drop them lower. Mesmer, Necro, and Theif only make top 3 because they have such high staying power no matter what spec they use as long as they play with intelligence. Yes it could be argued any class/spec combo could beat them out if played better; however, in my experience these 3 professions have the easiest set of abilities to fall back on in the occasions when an intelligent player finds themselves in a situation they didn't full prepare for.

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