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A Call to Arms: Dragonbrand

Just a quick announcement for those interested in where our team is headed at release. Boons & Conditions is not a guild, we’re here to… Continue reading…

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Podcast #14: An Evening with Team Legacy

It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means! Last night Luperza and I were joined by Team Legacy (North America) members kwlpp and Mianhe. This… Continue reading…

Podcast #11: Profession Spotlights (Part I)


Hail and well met! Last night we had guests Quark, Tpyo, Fredzw, and Izkimar on to discuss the professions; elementalist, engineer, ranger, and warrior! Don’t forget we’ll be live every Tuesday night at ~9:00 PM PDT on our Twitch channel! Thanks to the chatroom for making it an enjoyable night!


  • 3:20 News (brief; stress test, early launch, servers)
  • 5:22 Elementalist
  • 20:30 Engineer
  • 33:56 Ranger
  • 45:40 Warrior (with Christian Bale)
  • 58:20 Outro

Podcast #10: An Evening with Alpha Collective and Super Squad

Hail! Below is the recorded stream of our live podcast from last week. This update is a bit late, but we’ve been experimenting where our site traffic stems from. Seeing who views YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, our site, etc. If you haven’t seen this already, you’re going to enjoy it!

Alpha Collective and The Super Squad have been in previous podcasts and have been fantastic guests. We are looking for more teams to appear on the podcast, but we do require that you have proof of your success in sPvP from the beta events. Not that we want to appear as elitist, we just need to ensure people have experience before they start talking about what’s right and wrong in front of thousands of viewers! If you believe you fit the requirements, use our contact form to get hold of us!

Beta Tournament Episode #3

Hail! Below is the third episode of our beta weekend event #3 structured player vs player tournament footage. While we have a fans of the necromancer and warrior footage we’ve been showing, prepare yourselves for other professions! BnC community member Tpyo has provided some ranger footage which we’ve been showing on our Twitch channel, plus The Super Squad has sent in footage as well.

The Guardian’s Gambit: Flashing Blade


Flashing Blade has proven itself time and time again to be a cornerstone of most of my sPvP play styles. It allows me to chase someone down, or blink between targets. I recently learned though, that Flashing Blade can do something else, something that is particularly amazing. Let’s take a look at the full detail on Flashing Blade first:

 Flashing Blade (Level 80)

  • Teleport to your target, striking them and blinding nearby foes.
  • Damage.png Damage: 49
  • Blind.png Blind: 3 s
  • Range.png Range: 600


Now as I am sure that most of you know, in order for Flashing Blade to blink in any direction you have to have a target selected. Trying using it without a target selected, you just make a nice flash bomb and don’t move.

The Guardian’s Gambit: BWE#3 Guardian Changes


No builds this time folks. Instead I wanted to discuss some of the changes I found for the Guardian. The changes I saw were for the better, didn’t really see anything bad, so hooray?

First off, we’ll knock out the biggest change, the staff skills. Martyr has been removed from the staff, and thank you for that ArenaNet. It was such a waste of a powerful skill having it sit on a weapon that no one was ever using. Martyr was made into a shout, “Save Yourselves!”. This was added to my utility bar instantly, and it came in handy in every situation. Same icon and effects, now with a new name. But, let’s get back to the staff. Line of Warding replaced Martyr as the #5 skill, and in the #4 slot we now have Empower, with full details below.