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Podcast #9: An Interview with Super Squad

Podcast #9: An Interview with Super Squad


This very special 9th episode of the Boons & Conditions podcast interviews the competitive sPvP team, Super Squad! Join myself (Faelor) and our wonderful guests; Izkimar (elementalist), Lastivka (guardian), and Lowell (thief) as we discuss who they are, their thoughts on Guild Wars 2, and the state of Guild Wars 2 as a serious e-sport.

Expect consistent podcasts, interviews, guides, commentaries, and shoutcasts as we approach the release date of August 28th (25th for those that pre-purchased)! Do not forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you listen to it via YouTube, or leave some feedback on this news post! We want to hear what you have to say! Thank you very much for your support; it means a lot!

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Show Notes

  • 00:00 — Introduction
  • 02:50 — How did Super Squad form?
  • 04:47 — First Impressions in BWE1 and what attracts you to Guild Wars 2?
  • 08:20 — What can ArenaNet implement to ensure its position in the growing e-sports world?
  • 13:02 — The competitive community. What can YOU do to help?
  • 17:12 — Team composition & synergy, map strategy, individual character capability.
  • 19:48 — The downed state and its importance.
  • 26:17 — Character builds; runes, sigils, amulets, and jewels.
  • 29:48 — Condition removal importance.
  • 31:39 — Roundtable poll: Over-powered and under-powered professions?
  • 36:15 — Roundtable poll: Favorite sPvP map so far?
  • 39:39 — Roundtable poll: What one thing would you change in sPvP currently?
  • 44:02 — Final tips.
  • 48:10 — Outro; the community is key!
  • 49:54 — ?????