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The Mindset of Roles

The "new trinity", by Mesmer.PL

A Trinity Affair

For many of us with an MMO background, a role is an all-important thing.  It determines your entire focus in the game, whether you are there to tank, damage or heal.  We took pride in knowing that we’ve perfected the play of our role and that we were good at one thing.  That was what the first industrial revolution was about, or what the assembly line was about; people doing one thing well.  Guild Wars 2 though, tells us something very different.  You don’t need to be good at only one thing or specialize in one thing, in fact; you most likely should not specialize in one thing.  What happens now is our own revolution.  Roles have been changed and in ways so should our way of thinking about them.

Traditionally, we have someone to take the damage, someone to deal damage, and someone to heal damage.  Condense these concepts together and you have the very simple idea of controlling the flow of damage.  It is a two-way dynamic between your team and those that you are trying to defeat; minimize the damage coming in and maximize the damage going out.  This is the core of the holy trinity and what haunts players to this day.  This is also what made groups necessary, an individual needed others to be there to mitigate damage and to deal damage.  It would be unfair to say that Guild Wars 2 gets rid of the holy trinity, because it exists in the individual.  A player is responsible to be their own tank, damage dealer, and healer, no more and no less.  In a sense this creates a very independent environment for an online game.