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B&C Vlog Update: Looking For More!

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B&C Vlog Update: Looking For More!

Interested in joining Boons & Conditions? Go to our contact form and get hold of us! I do go over specific positions available in the video and below, but anyone of talent is suggested to apply! While we would love to accept all applications, only apply if you consider yourself not only a dedicated worker but a dedicated player who strives on bettering themselves. We seek individuals who have accomplishments to brag about in previous MMOs and games! If you have no previous experience to show us, please do not apply. We’re focusing on making Guild Wars 2 players play better. You need to be entertaining yet educational.

  • Video Producer – Filming, editing, and rendering videos. Can’t get anymore more straight forward.
  • sPVP Caster – Commentating live or recorded sPVP matches. Required: you dream about e-sports.
  • Writer - Forms visually stunning word blobs without hesitating to criticize. Guides are ideal.
  • Graphic Designer - Ability to make pretty pictures to help us rebrand and build the new website.
  • Programmer - If you don’t cringe when you hear “system architecture”, get hold of us ASAP.
  • Organized Guild to Interview - Simply put, get your guild on our podcast or stream to get some spotlight time to help boost your numbers all while helping us entertain the masses!

*A few select people have had issues with the contact form. If need be, please use electronic mail and send it to (G W 2 B n C ~at~ G M A I L ~dot~ C O M). Yes, it needed to be written fancy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/morganlynnpotts Morgan Potts

     What exactly are your requirements for a graphic designer?

  • Aaron Elder

    Would you be interested in someone that can produce music? I can do many genres including orchestral scores. I am just an amature, but original music is great for video intros and backgrounds.

  • Maxim

    Hi, I was wondering what kind of programmer you are looking for. (c, c++, java, …)

  • Romiohell

    i’m a video producer music composer , i have done a lot of movie trailers .. but few about games to be honest .. but i’m not from Europe 

  • Sino

    I’ve done everything what you mentioned in my free time with a exception of writing (in english).

  • http://www.facebook.com/adam.asseraf Adam Asseraf

    i would be more then glad to design some stuff for you guys , any friend of guild wars is a friend of mine ;) , massage me what you need

  • KT Purrkins

    *fangirl scream* WE LOVE YOU FAELOR! Ahhh!~

    I’m awesome…