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Beta Tournament Episode #1

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Beta Tournament Episode #1

Hail and well met! I’m proud to present the first episode of many showing tournament footage from the final beta weekend. This first episode is round 3 (of 3, it’s single elimination) in Forest of Niflhel. I won’t go over all the major details now, but I’m playing a support necromancer and yes there will be a guide for it in the near future. I haven’t retired my warrior yet, but this necro really managed to add some new spunk to the team and was incredibly refreshing for me after playing the warrior primarily in BWE1, BWE2, and stress test. Let me summarize some of the things it provides; group heals, condition swapping (from allies to enemies), boon swapping (from enemies to allies), AoE protection with high up-time, fears, damage prevention through AoE blinds, and more! It’s not like a guardian where it’s providing hard, visible heals and bubbles, but it does prevent a lot of damage through raw mitigation and blinds — in addition to the limited heals which really aren’t bad at all.

Please throw us a comment on YouTube. Do you like this unedited format? Would you like the downtime parts cut out? Would you want to see more commentary or matches that were casted? Let us know!

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  • Chris Rojas

    As someone who has really only played PvE through the Betas (I have this weirdness about playing PvE to burn in how a class/prof/whatev plays before bringing it to PvP) this was enlightening, especially in the unedited form.  Many thanks for sharing.

  • http://timsevenhuysen.com Tim Sevenhuysen

    I prefer seeing the full match. It’s important to get a sense of the flow and movement.

    • sPvP Devotee

      If you want to see the best examples of sPvP full-footage + casting, see GuildSource and theGIJesus on Youtube. They’re both separate channels that are the best right now for that stuff. youtube.com/guildsource and I forget the other

  • Yski

    I better keep a closer eye on your site, you have nice footage. And any good thief can solo the NPCs!

  • Shaheen

    thanks, i like the full uncut footage!
    and haircuts.