Podcast #14: An Evening with Team Legacy


It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means! Last night Luperza and I were joined by Team Legacy (North America) members kwlpp and Mianhe. This show was a blast as we got to ask who they were before we headed to the main topic, “What Can ArenaNet Do To Improve sPvP and Make Guild Wars 2 an e-Sport?” Thanks again to the TL guys for hopping on! We hop to have them on again in the future! Time segments can be found in the show notes!


  • 5:02 Who is Team Legacy?
  • 10:13 sPvP server stability
  • 13:54 BnC tourneys & Dragon Arena shoutout
  • 19:20 #GW2Ringer shoutout and how to find competitive sPvPers
  • 21:40 Spectator mode
  • 28:04 Map discussion
  • 33:03 Progression/snowball mechanics in GW2
  • 34:49 Rating system
  • 40:01 Faelor’s rant on “What’s Your Rank, Bro?”

  • http://www.facebook.com/thejastrom Jason Walstrom

    Hey guys is there an mp3 link I can download?